Therapeutic Exercise for Mobility and Vitality

Pelvic Girdle: Take Back Control and heal CLB, Incontinence, Sexual Dysfunction, PFD and Mobility Issues . 

This collection of exercises focuses on pelvic floor conditioning. Pelvic Floor wellness is necessary for basic functional mobility, sexual vitality and continence. A lack of awareness and conditioning of this part of the body has led to epidemic numbers of men and women suffering from a wide variety of conditions including;

Chronic low-back pain (CLB, lumbago)
Mobility issues
Sexual dysfunction
Organ prolapse
Pelvic Floor Dysfunction (PFD)

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Our goal is to learn about the design of the pelvic girdle, to create relevant and healthful imagery, then couple this imagery with simple exercises you can integrate into your exercise program to foster and maintain the health and vitality of your pelvic girdle.
Exercises are sourced from The Franklin Method®, Feldenkrais, Somatic and Functional Movement Exercises, Qi Gong and Yoga.


Up Coming:

A video series that follows the exercises within this book is in the making.

Massage Mindfulness


Relaxation is not Stillness. Relaxation is a body experience. Relaxation is fraught with vibrant continuous movement which serve as a listening mechanism. The Stillness we seek as a means towards relaxation is a perception. Stillness is a term we use to describe both mental and physical inaction. Stillness is not a description of relaxation.

The relaxation of the body is a letting go. It is a release of the body structures down. It is a slow slide down into the support of gravity. We use the term stillness as a method of differentiating a physical state of mobility with a state of no visible mobility; and stillness of the mind distinguishes the use of the mind for mental tasks which ping-pong our awareness between thoughts. Since we are designed with a constant potential for movement relaxation is the constant practice of letting go of this potential.

Build Mindfulness Tools

Create a Massage Mindset.

It takes time, observation and diligence to change a thought pattern or mental construct. The rewards ultimately are more valuable than the effort. In truth if we want to remove self-depreciating thoughts from our experiences then we first must observe and identify them within our experiences. If we want to be able to accept compassion from others, or act towards ourselves with compassion, then we need to make time and space within our lives to do both the receiving and the giving. If we want to simply be able to state our individual needs then we have to not just make the decision to do so, but take the necessary actions. Once done, we have to repeat these behaviors, learning as we repeat the process and perfecting our skills. A very effective place to begin this type of practice is on the massage table. Give yourself permission to enjoy your massage.

Adopt a massage mindset. Tell yourself;

“I am allowed to enjoy a massage.”

“I am allowed to feel good.”

“I give myself permission to enjoy my massage.”

Begin as soon as you lay down. You deserve to feel good. Tell yourself;

“I am so smart to get a massage.”

When feeling good during your massage you need to give yourself permission to enjoy it. Tell yourself;

“This feels really good.”

Allow yourself to enjoy feeling good.

“I deserve to feel this good.”


Use imagery tools to improve your massage EXPERIENCE



              Why should I be Mindful?

Your mind makes the final decision as to whether you are having a good experience or not. To improve your experience, you need to take control of your thoughts, decide which ones work best for you, and notice when certain thoughts work better than others. This may seem to be a daunting task, but you can do it. Once you practice using your thoughts, or mind chatter to your benefit, the practice will become easier and easier. Eventually you will be able to intuit which types of thoughts or images will work best for you with in any given moment of your massage. To provide a wide range of options and set you on the path towards a better massage experience is the overall goal of this book