Rie (pronounced, ‘re’, as in rejuvenate) is fascinated with the physiological integration of the body and mind, she is delighted that ancient medicine and mind/body practices are finding support in modern science and can be safely implemented in current day health and wellness activities. Students and clients are presented with anatomically based breathing techniques, exercises and meditation/imagery tools to cultivate wellness. 

The enjoyment of life relies on our ability to move and sense the world within and around us. 

Rie Monique Cherie, is a Certified Yoga therapist (C-IAYT), a Franklin Method® Educator (Level 3), and an instructor of Yoga, Tai Chi, and Dance. Rie has more than 25 years of instructional experience working with people of all ages and physicality’s.

Currently Rie is involved with the following:

University of Richmond, Adjunct Faculty: Human Kinetics for Dancers; Instructor of Wellness and Neuromuscular Reeducation, Franklin Method®, Tai Chi, and Yoga; offering workshops, classes, and private instruction. You can find Rie’s videos on You Tube, at Rie Cherie , and on Vimeo, at Rie Monique Cherie . Rie is currently in process of creating more wellness video’s and hopes to move her work into the creation of VR/AR/AX video and live online instruction. She enjoys writing about mind/body practices as well as fictional pieces which she plans to offer on Amazon.